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Gov: Pensions first, then maybe gambling

Fri, 07 Dec 2012 14:22:55 CST

Gov: Pensions first, then maybe gambling Governor Pat Quinn says no measure to expand gambling in Illinois will be considered before the state solves its 96-billion dollar pension problem. Quinn says the system needs fundamental reforms before the state can consider new casinos in the Chicago area and Danville:


"That's putting out something that's interesting, but is not as important as pensions. So I would say to members of the legislature, let's eat our vegetables and our spinach first, get the pension reform done, then they can have the dessert later."

Meanwhile, the governor says he welcomes the latest pension proposal unveiled by House lawmakers Wednesday.   The plan would cut annual cost of living increases for retirees, and make government workers pay more toward their retirement.   Quinn says his staff will do some accounting to determine how much that proposal would save taxpayers. He says legislators need the next 34 days to find bipartisan backing for pensions before the current legislative session adjourns January 9th.

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