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Gov suggests Orange Bowl half-time pension fix

Thu, 06 Dec 2012 14:21:44 CST
By: IPR's Brian Mackey

Governor Pat Quinn today refused to offer his opinion on the specifics of a new plan to deal with the state's underfunded pension systems. IPR's Brian Mackey has more.

Quinn says it was "promising" that a group of legislators offered a new pension proposal. He called it a "positive development," but the closest he got to expressing an opinion on the merits of the plan was to call it "A very interesting proposal." Not good. Not bad. Just "interesting." Quinn reiterated that he wants pensions dealt with in the 34 days before the General Assembly adjourns. But when a reporter asked what he would do about it on each of those 34 days, Quinn punted - and spent the better part of a minute talking about Northern Illinois making it to the Orange Bowl.

"And I very much hope to be there with, I think it's Tom Cross' top aide, is a graduate of NIU. And we are going to go together. And I'm sure right there at halftime, it's a very long halftime show there at the Orange Bowl, we'll figure out a way to get everybody in and nobody left out when it come to pension reform."

(fade in "Hail to the Huskies")
And the band played on.

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