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Peoria speaker urges individuals to apply pressure to Iran

Thu, 06 Dec 2012 10:44:07 CST
By: Jim Browne

Peoria speaker urges individuals to apply pressure to Iran Even as the US increases economic pressure on Iran to ensure the country doesn't develop nuclear weapons, a smaller group is urging American individuals to becoming involved. Bob Feferman is the Midwest Coordinator for the advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran, UANI. He says continuing to do business with Iran is short sighted, and self defeating:

"When it becomes known that they're conducting business in Iran, and we shine that light, they risk losing contracts in the United States. And, the most important factor is this, a nuclear armed Iran would make an already dangerous world a much more dangerous place. And that would put everybody's economy at risk, and own portfolios at risk."
Feferman is urging people to contact companies involved in deals with Iran urging them to end the practice. He says UANI has already convinced the State of Indiana to pull its pension money out of companies dealing with Iran. Feferman is speaking at the Michel Student Center in Peoria this evening at 7.
Jim Browne's interview with Bob Feferman:

Feferman names companies UNANI has targeted as business partners of Iran:


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