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Hospice home dedicated in Peoria

Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:44:03 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

Healthcare and community leaders have dedicated an $8 million hospice home in Peoria. Felicia Schafer Directs the Richard Owens home for OSF on route 91. Schafer says the home provides help to terminally ill people of all ages on a temporary basis to stabilize their condition and manage their medication.

"Think about it, if you were a 47 year old man having to go to a skilled care facility or a hospital just because you were having some issues with pain. People don't want to do that."

There are 16 beds at the Peoria home and Schafer says they anticipate all being all of the time. She says there is significant unmet demand for that kind of expert acute care service.

"Our average length of stay is going to be somewhere between five to seven days. It's that transitional period that we can help them with."

There are hospice services in the community, but Schafer says the setting in the home is designed to comfort people in their final days.     

"We have chairs, sofas, it looks like a mini apartment. We also have things that will make it feel a little bit more like their home."

For instance, Schafer says, one wall has a space for family photos to be hung while patients are there. When it opens early next year the home will be the first such facility in central Illinois and only the fourth in the state. Iowa has 27 homes operating or in the works. Schafer says OSF is seeking another $3 million for an endowment to cover costs for those who could not afford such care on their own.


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