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Pekin wastewater facility gets state financial boost

Tue, 04 Dec 2012 12:57:15 CST

The city of Pekin is the first to receive a low-interest loan under the state's new Clean Water Initiative. Pekin was approved for a nearly $5,000,000 loan under the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The money will help the city finish the nearly $40,000,000 construction of a new wastewater treatment facility. Governor Pat Quinn launched the new loan initiative in October. He announced Pekin as a recipient of the program at the construction site. He says it's important to ensure people will have access to safe drinking water.

"Pekin understood the importance of making this investment. We don't want raw sewage going into the Illinois River. That's the drinking water source for many people in central Illinois."

Pekin's wastewater treatment project began in September 2010 and has received about $35,000,000 in loans to implement a control plan for its combined sewer overflow system. 180 union workers have been employed with the construction. Governor Quinn is encouraging municipalities throughout the state to apply for the loan program. The state is offering nearly one-billion dollars in grant funding.    

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