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Drought effect not seen in this year's Xmas trees

Mon, 03 Dec 2012 04:15:32 CST

     Illinois Christmas tree farms have been affected by this year's drought, though farmers say there is no shortage of trees. David Daniken raises the trees in the southern Illinois town of Pocahontas. He's also in touch with other growers in the Illinois Christmas Tree Association. He says the northern part of the state has fared best, with affects of drought getting progressively worse through the lower part of the state. Daniken says most of the damage has been on trees 3 years old or younger:

"One bad year isn't going to spoil me. Now, it does, obviously there's monetary cost to the farmer, you know. We replanted 10,000 trees this fall that died over the summer. Obviously that cost a fair amount of money."
Growers across the Midwest have been affected. But the problem is likely to show up more in a few years, when fewer trees are available for harvest.

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