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Immigrant drivers license measure advances

Fri, 30 Nov 2012 04:04:04 CST

The Illinois Senate yesterday advanced a measure to expand driving privileges in Illinois. It's estimated that 250-thousand people who immigrated to the US illegally are commuting around the state without driver's licenses. The proposal under consideration would allow them to get licenses with something other than a birth certificate or Social Security number. Legislators from both parties support the measure. Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno, from Lemont, says Illinois has to take action because of the "inaction of the federal government:"

"There's no perfect solution. It needs to be dealt with federally. So I think this is a good example of state's trying to figure out a way to handle a problem that we have."
The licenses would look different than standard drivers licenses, and would not be valid ID's for things like boarding airplanes, buying firearms and voting. A committee approved the legislation on a vote of 12-to-2, and it now goes before the full Senate.

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