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State Senate overturns Quinn prison veto

Wed, 28 Nov 2012 17:22:45 CST

The Illinois Senate has rejected cuts Governor Pat Quinn made to the state prison budget. Quinn wants close the "supermax" prison in Tamms, the women's prison in Dwight, and other facilities. State Senator Gary Forby, a Democrat from Benton, says prisons are already overcrowded and consolidating inmates in remaining prisons will have its own costs.

"So you're gonna have to go in there. You've got to remodel. You're gonna have to expand. You are going to have to do something with these people because you're gonna double up on beds and with some of these people don't need to be in a jail cell with two people in a room."

The Senate has voted to override Quinn's veto of $56 million. The Illinois House still has to vote. Quinn doesn't have to keep the prisons, but lawmakers voted not to let him use the money on anything else. The Quinn administration says it remains committed to closing what it calls "half-empty, very expensive facilities that are no longer needed."

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