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Filmaker reveals hunger in breadbasket on "Frontline"

Tue, 20 Nov 2012 09:39:31 CST
By: IPR's Herb Trix

    Some children from the Quad Cities will help millions of American learn about poverty. They're featured in the latest edition of Frontline, the public-TV documentary series, in "Poor Kids" to be shown tonight.
    IPR's Herb Trix reports:

Filmaker Jezza Neumann spent several months earlier this year with the children, ages 9 to 14, and their families. And they tell the story with no narrator and no "experts," just the kids in their own words. Neumann says it's important to remember the Quad Cities is where Interstate 80 crosses the Mississippi River - the heart of America.
"You're where all the food is grown, yet rather ironically people are struggling to eat. You know, and I think that's a story most Americans don't hear. You know, you hear about Detroit, you hear about the inner cities, you don't really hear about middle America, you just assumed it's all O.K., and what I've discovered is it wasn't"    
And he hopes his documentary puts a human face on all the statistics about poverty in this country. Front Line will debut "Poor Kids" this evening on WTVP television in Peoria.

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