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Health care critic: Fiscal cliff impact on low-income care uncertain

Tue, 13 Nov 2012 15:06:37 CST
By: Willis Kern

Health care critic: Fiscal cliff impact on low-income care uncertain A leading critic of the health care industry says he's not sure what would happen to low-income people if the federal government were to slide off the fiscal cliff. Wendell Potter, a former insurance industry spokesman-turned-whistleblower, says the Affordable Care Act figures to be a money saver in the long term. He says Congress should target areas of government where waste is abundant.

"Health care is one of the largest expenditures the federal government has, so you need to look at areas where you can make a difference now and also in the future and not do anything that is reducing chances you can save money in the long haul."

Potter says Congress needs to be careful in whacking government programs that save money while searching for a solution.


"The Affordable Care Act actually does do that and the Congressional Budget Office is estimating that over ten years it will reduce the deficit by $260 billion and they've also estimated that legislation to repeal it would actually add to the deficit."

Potter says he thinks the fiscal cliff scenario is so undesirable, Congress will enact some measures against its full impact. Potter spoke during a League of Women Voters health care panel this week.


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