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Dems pick up three seats on McLean County Board

Wed, 07 Nov 2012 01:08:09 CST
By: Charlie Schlenker

McLean County Democrats equaled their historic high performance achieved in 2004, defending Eric Rankin's seat in District nine and gaining three more in challenges to incumbent Republicans. In spite of the failed party push to take control of the board, George Gordon, the Dean of board Democrats says there has never been a party line vote during his time in office...

"But in general we have had a congenial atmosphere in which to work"

Republicans challenged only one sitting Democrat, leaving four an unobstructed view to a new term. McLean County GOP Chairman John Parrot says that was a conscious decision.

"Those are predominantly very high Democrat districts to the tune of 60 to 70 percent Democrat. So I didn't...the conscientious decision of the committee not to throw dollars after those particular wards."

Democrats now occupy 8 of 20 county board seats. Julie Brandt defeated long time District three member Diane Bostic by only four votes. Sally Pyne defeated first term GOP board member Ed McKibbin in District four on Normal's west side. Central Bloomington incumbent Bette Rackauskas lost to Victoria Harris in District seven. Long time public servant and former Bloomington Mayor Rich Buchanan won a new office, also in District seven. Republicans John McIntire and Sonny O'Connor turned back the challenge of Democrat Herb Reichelt, as did incumbents Chuck Erickson and Ben Owens against challenger Mike Harrison. The two winning candidates in each county board district will draw lots to see which receives a two year or a four year term to set up staggered four year terms for the rest of the decade.

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