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Election day arrives

Tue, 06 Nov 2012 05:10:51 CST
By: IPR's Amanda Vinicky

Election Day has finally arrived. It's a big year for Illinois, from President Barack Obama on the top of the ticket, on down. With the exception of Illinois' two seats in the US Senate, every other legislative seat is on the ballot. All 177 seats in the General Assembly, and 18 spots in Congress:

"Most of those are fairly sleepy, most of them in fact are uncontested. But in those races where there are two candidates on the ballot there are always a dozen or a dozen and a half that see a HUGE amount of money coming into them. Vast outliers compared to your typical House or Senate seat."
That's the Illinois Campaign for Political Reformís David Morrison who's watching the election, and especially those close Congressional and General Assembly races. It's the first election that Illinois' caps on campaign contributions are in effect. Illinois voters will also be asked to vote yes or no on a proposed amendment to the state Constitution. It'd make it harder for lawmakers to increase government workers' pension benefits. Critics say it's faux reform that state legislators just put on the ballot to make themselves look good.

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