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Concealed carry on ballots in some counties

Mon, 05 Nov 2012 06:18:54 CST
By: AP

A handful of Illinois counties will get the chance to sound off on gun control this Election Day. Ballots in at least nine counties tomorrow include non-binding questions asking voters whether they would support the legalization of concealed weapons. Advocates hope passage would send a message to lawmakers that there's support for so-called concealed carry. Sean McKee is behind the measure on the ballot in Warren County. The 42-year-old computer-network administrator says he became interested after recent break-ins near where he lives. Anti-gun groups like the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence say they're accustomed to pressure from gun-rights advocates through ballot measures and lawsuits. But Illinois is the last state where concealed weapons are illegal and Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has promised to veto any measure to legalize concealed weapons.

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