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Town Council to consider mandatory alcohol training for hospitality workers

Fri, 02 Nov 2012 10:58:59 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

The Town of Normal will consider requiring statewide alcohol certification for bar and restaurant workers. It's called Basset Training. Some business owners don't like the idea. Terry Stralow of Pub II says he employs fifty people and worker turnover would create significant expense and administrative challenges for him with each new hire.

"You know in today's economy we're trying to keep things at a low cost for everyone and it's just another license or fee that I think is going to be thrown at us.

Training costs 25 dollars a person on line or 75 dollars for a multi person workshop in person. Stralow says for most owners, the program is also redundant.

"Everyone that I know already puts their employees that handle alcohol through some kind of training just because it's so important that we can't risk our license."

He says in house training is less expensive. Town staff say there is some evidence the Basset program reduces the number of drunken people leaving establishments and the number of intoxicated motorists. Town staff note a statewide certification could actually reduce overhead, because workers can take it from one business to another. The Town Council debates the issue Monday.

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