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13th district congressional candidates agree on Iran

Fri, 02 Nov 2012 06:14:58 CDT

13th district congressional candidates agree on Iran During a debate last night on WILL TV in Urbana, the Congressional candidates running in Illinois' new 13th district were asked if they would support going to war with Iran to prevent a nuclear attack. Democrat David Gill of Bloomington says he backs President Obama's efforts to push for diplomatic solutions, along with severe sanctions against Iran:

"I have hopes that he'll have a House of Representatives that will work with him, and will push forward with his move toward not getting into a position where we have to put American life and limb on the line."
Republican Rodney Davis of Taylorville says a military intervention shouldn’t be the first response:

"We need to ensure that Iran is held accountable, but I would first exhaust all diplomatic actions while standing shoulder to shoulder with the country of Israel before we would commit troops anywhere in the globe."
Independent candidate John Hartman of Edwardsville says even if Iran has the ability to launch a nuclear weapon, he believes it would be a mistake to move forward at any time with military action:

" think that even bombing their nuclear capabilities would be counterproductive. I think it would rile them against us, as well as the Arab world against us."
The candidates also answered questions about reauthorizing the federal Farm Bill, lowering the national debt, and making higher education more affordable.

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