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Peoria Congressman would support campaign funding change

Thu, 01 Nov 2012 15:51:53 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Outside advocacy groups are spending nearly three dollars on the 13th district Congressional race for every dollar the candidates themselves spend. Peoria Congressman Aaron Schock represents a different district that has not attracted so much outside cash. Schock says allowing external groups to fund ads on their own has been a bad practice for the political system.

"It has put less onus on the candidate to be responsible for the messages in their campaign. Because they throw up their hands and say oh we don't control the ads. We don't control the money."

Schock also disagrees with the law that allows third party groups that have tax exempt status to hide the source of the donations they use to craft advocacy ads.

"I do believe in immediate disclosure. I think people should know who is funding the messages, who is funding the campaign."

The Supreme Court has ruled government cannot limit spending on political speech by those groups. So Schock says Congress should repeal McCain-Feingold spending limits on politics and force all spending to go through campaigns. Those who supported McCain-Feingold feared the previous campaign funding rules allowed some groups who have big check books to curry favor with candidates and office holders.

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