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Gov moves residents out of Jacksonville center

Tue, 30 Oct 2012 04:01:11 CDT

Developmentally disabled residents of a central Illinois state institution are being moved out of the facility, even though critics say they're not ready.   Jacksonville Developmental Center is set to close November 21st.   Chairman of the Committee to Protect the Residents of the JDC, Lonnie Johns, says Governor Pat Quinn's administration is rushing to meet that deadline. Johns has a leaked memo from October 23rd, listing names of JDC, residents and when and where they'll be moved. In some cases, no date for a pre meeting is listed. Johns says it's proof the process is botched:

"They haven't done the necessary preparation, they haven't done the necessary evaluation, they hadn't had the meetings with the parents, but they're going to try to do it anyway."
Department of Human Services spokeswoman Januari Smith says several residents were moved over the weekend, and about 45 more are set to be over the next week or two:

"We have developed a comprehensive, well thought out plan to transition JDC residents safely in to the community. All of the residents have gone through a thorough planning process."
Smith says it was irresponsible for Johns to have showed the memo to the media.   

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