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Evsdrop App Launches At Illinois State University

Fri, 26 Oct 2012 11:47:17 CDT
By: Rachel Darling

Evsdrop, is a new soical media application coming to Illinois State University and five other campuses in Illinois, that allows users to focus on something other than people...


The applications primary goal is to link like-minded individuals by shared experience. The application allows users to post "drops" of information about a place, rather than a person in real-time, using location-based technology.

The app has other uses: Evsdrop can provide campus businesses valuable feedback, and could help alumni and prospective students keep up with events on campus in real-time. Evsdrop can also contribute to campus safety by allowing users to share time-stamped, location-based information, that could be a valuable resource to campus safety officals. In an era of cyber-bullying and identity theft, Evsdrop has safe-gaurds in place to mitigate potential misuse that could harm students and other users. The app allows users to post anonymously and the app collects information only after users begin dropping information.

Co-founder of Evsdrop David Rush says the app works with other social media student already use like Facebook and Twitter...


    Evsdrop is now available for iPhone with an Android-friendly version due soon.

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