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13th district candidates talk health care during debate

Thu, 25 Oct 2012 15:18:28 CDT

The topic of health care found its way into the second debate for the 13th Congressional District, even when panelists were on other topics. Republican Rodney Davis of Taylorville favors a market-based approach of selling insurance across state lines.   He believes that plan would make the market more competitive. Davis says having the ability to choose providers allowed for proper diagnosis of his wife, who's a colon cancer survivor. But Bloomington Democrat David Gill, an emergency room physician, says a market-based approach doesn't mean much to people who canít afford private health insurance.


"What I would ask, I can't think of anything more hypocritical than watching that save your wife's life and denying that then to all the American citizens that could use that very thing, and have our country be healthier and wealthier in the process.Ē
Rodney Davis responded by saying he wants all Americans to be able to choose their own medical destiny, but refutes the idea that a House measure Gill supports seeks Medicare for all.

"It is not Medicare for all. It would destroy Medicare as we know it. You've even said it in your own words David. This is a plan that would create a bureaucracy that will cost $1.7 trillion per year. And wouldn't allow new clinics, new doctor's office to be cited without federal government approval."

Davis also pledges he'll vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, calling it a $2.6 trillion boondoggle. Independent candidate John Hartman simply chose to endorse the legislation, saying it will cover 32-million more Americans.


"After decades of trying to get a comprehensive health care bill in this country, we've got one. I'm afraid if we repeal it, we'll have nothing again, and we'll go backwards on those 32-million Americans. and that is unconscionable."

The audio is courtesy of WICS-TV Springfield, which aired the debate. GLT will provide live coverage of the final debate between the 13th district candidates, Thursday November 1. It will be broadcast that evening on our all-news channel, WGLT HD3 News and Ideas.

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