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Mayor to code opponents: I told you so

Wed, 24 Oct 2012 17:34:06 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

Mayor Chris Koos of Normal is issuing a mild...I told you so...to the opponents of form based code. Business owners in the Main Street Corridor strenuously resisted the zoning overlay that would set standards for new development in Normal, saying it would be to too costly and was an improper government interference in private enterprise. The Council backed off and issued the package of rules as voluntary guidelines. Mayor Koos is announcing early success.

Of the three fairly significant sized developments that have happened since we put the voluntary overlay on the Main Street Corridor, all three developers chose form based code as their code of choice."

Koos says opponents should not look for the issue to come back to the Town Council now that it appears to be succeeding, at least for a couple years.
"You know I'm not really looking to revive it at this point. I'm looking for this voluntary compliance to make its own point."

Koos says form based code offers clear guidance to developers on what to do with property and he says developers like that. The intent of the package of rules is to encourage similar upscale aesthetics along the corridor.


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