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BPD using laser technology to catch speeders

Tue, 23 Oct 2012 15:27:16 CDT
By: Willis Kern

Police in Bloomington are now using laser technology to catch speeders. Public Affairs officer Dave White says the department now uses the Stalker Lidar system, which generates a series of laser pulses. He says the results are much more reliable than conventional radar's use of soundwaves.


"You can point this right at a car and as long as the red dot in my viewfinder is touching that car, that's the car when I pull the trigger, that's the speed I'm gonna get because that's using a laser light. So you've got a light shooting out there 186,000 miles per hour. So it doesn't matter how fast that vehicle's going, I'm gonna get an immediate response"

During a one hour period this week on Veterans Parkway near Commerce, White says police issued speeding tickets to 25 drivers, each going between 13 and 27 miles per hour over the 45 mile per hour limit. White says BPD is stepping up its traffic speed enforcement in response to citizen complaints. He says more are coming in now that the city has increased the frequency of public accountability meetings with the city manager and police chief.

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