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IL supreme court rules against company in phone fraud case

Fri, 19 Oct 2012 04:03:10 CDT

The Illinois Supreme Court says a company went too far in obtaining the private phone records of a former employee. Kathleen Lawlor brought North American Corporation of Illinois millions of dollars' worth of business, selling companies trinkets branded with their corporate logos. When she left, her boss thought she was trying to take a client with her to a new job, so he had the corporate attorney hire private investigators. Lawlor's lawyer, Mitchell Katten, arguing the case back in March says:


"The investigators callled the phone companies, fraudulently portrayed themselves as Lawlor, convinced the phone companies that they were talking to Kathy Lawlor, and they released this information."

A jury decided the company had gone too far and awarded Lawlor more than $1.8 million.
The Supreme Court agreed on principle, but significantly reduced the amount of the award, to just $130,000.

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