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Attacks continue in 13th congressional race during debate

Thu, 18 Oct 2012 03:55:08 CDT
By: Lee Strubinger

Retiring US Representative Tim Johnson's request for 13th congressional district candidates to halt negative rhetoric is failing to reach the Democratic and Republican candidates. During last nights 13th congressional district debate at Illinois State University's Brown Ballroom, Democratic candidate David Gill says his opponent, Republican Rodney Davis, is a political insider who just held a fundraising event with House majority leader Eric Cantor...


"These people are helping him. Aetna insurance is pouring money in, the US Chamber of Commerce, made up of large corporations they're helping him, and they, uh aren't doing this out of the goodness of their heart. They're doing this because they expect something in return should he get to Washington DC."   Later in the debate, Republican Rodney Davis cited Gill's campaign record in response to a question about postal service closings, which, Davis says, hasn't worked yet...


"I don't know when one runs for congress three times in the better part of a decade when they become a career politician, or a career politician wannabe."
Both campaigns accuse the other of being the first to run negative television ads. Davis says Gill ran negative ads not 5 minutes after he became the candidate. Gill says after Johnson's request to halt negative ads, his campaign hadn't run any.

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