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Normal property taxes may be going up

Tue, 16 Oct 2012 03:54:43 CDT
By: Lee Strubinger

Normal property taxes may be going up Bracing itself for a property value decrease by assessors, the Town of Normal is looking at a slightly higher property tax rate to fund increasing mandatory pension and social security costs.
Council Member Jeff Fritzen says pension costs have more than doubled since 30 years ago and, he says, the Town has shifted to accompany that...


Another council member wants the town to consider reducing its general operating fund for a year to alleviate a proposed property tax increase. Adam Nielsen made a motion during last night's council meeting to reduce the $1.6 million operating fund by $250,000. He says city staff needs direction from the council on priority projects in the community, like street resurfacing which, he says, has been short changed over the years...

Nielsen says the increase will have a huge impact on home owners. Town Financial Director Andrew Huhn (hewhn) says the proposed property tax increase on a $150,000 home will be about 30 dollars.


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