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Retiring congressman decries negative campaign

Wed, 03 Oct 2012 04:21:23 CDT

Retiring congressman decries negative campaign
     Retiring Republican Urbana Congressman Tim Johnson wants an immediate 'cease and desist' with the negativity between the major party candidates vying to replace him. In an afternoon press conference in Champaign Johnson announced he's written letters to Republican Rodney Davis and Democrat David Gill, asking the 13th District Congressional candidates to pull their negative campaign ads. Letters have also gone out to the Congressional campaign committees of each party.
     Johnson says he's 'aghast and horrified' by the level that each campaign has fallen:


"Quite frankly, I think it reflects campaigns all over the country. The half-truths, the outright lies, the attacks on your opponent, have just reached a level where it's just unconscionable. And I didn't feel in good conscience that I sit back and allow that to maintain itself."

Johnson says he's asking each candidate to raise their campaigns to the level that he did while running for office, pointing to his efforts to start up the Congressional Center Aisle Caucus with Democrats. Johnson says an overwhelming number of constituents have called on him to try and end the negative mudslinging.   He also says the tone between Davis and Gill could help independent candidate John Hartman.


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