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IL Congressional candidates sound off on policy toward Iran

Mon, 01 Oct 2012 04:06:18 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

13th District Congressional candidates are showing mild differences on the foreign policy issue of how to handle the nuclear weapons aspirations of Iran. Republican Rodney Davis says the administration could make it plainer that this country will not allow Iran to have access to nuclear weaponry.

"Our best friend in the middle east is the country of Israel. And if we can't stand shoulder to shoulder with them who is going to trust us to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the rest of the world in the future during conflicts like this."

Democrat David Gill, meanwhile, says too much specificity can foreclose choices..

Those options exist and I don't know just how much you want to reveal to the Iranians with regards to what may take place."

Gill says President Obama's recent speech to the U-N saying the U-S will do what it must to prevent Iran from getting the bomb is appropriate. 11th District Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger says Iran has been ignoring such veiled hints for some time.

"Iran has not taken it very seriously. Because they have actually doubled down their efforts at enriching uranium. They have doubled down their efforts at rhetoric to Israel.to say Israel will now be wiped off the map, they don't say wiped off the map now, it's basically cease to exist or destroyed."

Kinzinger says he believes U-S foreign policy should be clear about the potential use of the military option to forestall having to go ahead with it.

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