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Secretary of State wants tougher laws for drivers in fatal crashes

Mon, 01 Oct 2012 04:04:42 CDT

Even a driver who caused a fatal car wreck is eligible for court supervision in Illinois. Secretary of State Jesse White says he wants a law passed that would revoke the drivers license of anyone involved in a fatal crash:


"An individual who may be distracted, who may be texting, or who may have alcohol in their system. Yes. We would not stand idly by and allow, with this legislation, individuals to get court supervision. Especially when there's a fatality involved."

Illinois has a statewide database that allows judges and prosecutors to see drivers' history of court supervision. White says that's helped keep dangerous drivers off the road, but he says there are still instances of someone getting court supervision more than a dozen times.   White's proposal comes with the backing of a state advisory committee on traffic safety. He also has the support of the parents of a woman killed in McHenry County last year when a distracted driver rammed into her car, the driver's sentence? Court supervision. The victim's mother says people's lives depend on stronger laws.

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