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Chicago Mayor blasts judge's ruling on Occupy protestors

Fri, 28 Sep 2012 17:15:32 CDT
By: AP

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says a Cook County judge was wrong to rule the city unconstitutionally arrested Occupy Chicago protesters for overstaying curfew in Grant Park last fall. Emanuel says city officials believe the curfew ordinance is on firm ground relating to public safety and First Amendment rights. A Cook County judge earlier tossed out charges against 92 Occupy protesters arrested last October, saying the city selectively enforces the curfew. The judge compared the protests with President Barack Obama's 2008 election night rally in the same park. Emanuel says the judge was comparing ``apples and oranges.'' The mayor says Obama rally attendees had a permit and didn't plan to sleep overnight. Emanuel also says other major cities, like New York and Los Angeles, also have park curfews.

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