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IL Libertarians open convention

Fri, 21 Sep 2012 17:35:01 CDT

Illinois Libertarians are kicking off their state party convention in the northwest suburbs. The Libertarians are a long-shot on the Illinois presidential ballot. But, they do have something to gain this election year. Democratic President Barack Obama is a strong favorite to win his adopted home state. But Libertarian state party Chair Lupe Diaz says that won’t stop his members from getting together to share ideas about smaller government.

The Libertarian Party’s presidential and vice-presidential hopefuls are Gary Johnson and James Gray. If they win more than five percent of the vote - the Libertarians will become a so-called “established party” in Illinois. That will make it a LOT easier for their statewide candidates to get on the ballot in 20-14.

Sometimes parties also take a step back. The Green Party became established in 2006 with a relatively strong performance by Gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney. They lost the status in 2010. Right now, there are just two established parties in Illinois: Democrats and Republicans.

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