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Davis rolls out Healthcare positions

Mon, 17 Sep 2012 17:59:08 CDT

Republican Rodney Davis says his health care plan will preserve Medicare and leave medical decisions to the people rather than the government. The 13th district Congressional candidate has unveiled his alternative to the Affordable Care Act. He says his plan will address areas like tort reform and allow for purchasing insurance across state lines. And under what Davis calls, a common sense, market-based approach, he says nothing will change for current Medicare recipients:

Davis also wants to establish community health centers, saying theyíll give access to those who canít afford a trip the emergency room. He says the inability for someone to choose a physician would hurt someone like his wife, a colon cancer survivor who was continually misdiagnosed before receiving proper treatment. Davisí opponent, Democrat and Bloomington Physician David Gill, backs portions of the Affordable Care Act, but wants to expand the structure of Medicare. He also says the plan gives too much control to the insurance industry.

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