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Bucket List Bandit hops from Bloomington to PA

Wed, 12 Sep 2012 09:49:33 CDT
By: AP / Charlie Schlenker

Bucket List Bandit hops from Bloomington to PA A man dubbed the Bucket List Bandit after telling a bank teller he had only four months to live has struck again, this time in northwestern Pennsylvania. The bandit's previous robbery was at a PNC Bank branch on the west side of Bloomington, August 17th. The FBI says surveillance video indicates the man who robbed the Huntingdon National Bank in Erie on Monday is the same man responsible for nine previous heists in eight other states since June 21. The white man, with thinning gray hair, glasses, and a faded blue polo shirt enters the banks and uses a note claiming to have a gun, though he has yet to produce one. The unknown bandit got his nickname after the July 6 heist of a Wells Fargo Bank in Roy, Utah. He's also wanted in Illinois, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, and now Pennsykvania. Bloomington Police believe the robber is driving a Black Chevy Captiva compact SUV with a silver rack on the roof. Officers say serial bank robbers are not all that rare, but it is unusual to have them hop from state to state. More common is a robber who concentrates effort in a single urban area.

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