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Sen Durbin says Quinn should explain state's plight to citizens

Mon, 10 Sep 2012 06:54:43 CDT

US Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois says having to make tough decisions in a tough economy has led to Governor Pat Quinn's low approval ratings. Durbin says his fellow Democrat needs to spread the message about the challenges Illinois faces, and what solutionís Quinn's offering:


"So in fairness to all the people who are in charge now, they've had to step up and come with solutions. And I think that won't be lost on the people of our state."

Durbin says Illinois' Republican leaders are afraid to suggest anything. Despite Durbin's words of support for Quinn, he's holding off backing the governor for reelection. Durbin, who's from Springfield, says he'll wait to make sure Quinn's actually planning to run in 2014. So far Quinn hasn't declared his candidacy, but he hasn't dismissed it either.

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