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NCHS student hostage situation ends in frantic scramble for gun

Fri, 07 Sep 2012 16:57:10 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

NCHS student hostage situation ends in frantic scramble for gun A gun, a hatchet, pills and kerosene all went into a 14 year old boy's backpack before he went to Normal Community High School this morning and took his classmates hostage. Rick Bleichner is the Police Chief of the Town of Normal.

From there, a school lockdown happened. There were reports of children running screaming down the hall at NCHS before 8am. But in Room 73, on the lower level near the gym where a health class was supposed to be happening, there was a group of scared kids and a teacher who rose to the occasion. Fourteen year old Sean Kennedy is a freshman at NCHS. Kennedy was in that room and helped disarm the shooter.

Sean Kennedy, a 14 year old with a great deal of presence of mind is an NCHS Freshman. He spoke with GLT after giving his statement to police. The time from code red school lockdown to when kids were allowed to clear the scene and go to a nearby church for parents to pick them up was about two hours. The aftermath will last much longer as School officials consider whether the incident merits the installation of metal detectors and other security precautions. Police, of course, have arrested the 14 year old shooter.



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