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UPDATE: Normal police chief says 14 yr old male in custody after NCHS shooting; no injuries

Fri, 07 Sep 2012 11:26:57 CDT
By: Jim Browne

Police in Normal have taken a 14-year old boy into custody in connection with a gun incident at Normal Community High School this morning. No one was hurt. when shots were fired at the high school. Police and Unit Five officials placed the school on lockdown a little after eight o'clock this morning. Earlier reports indicated two people had been taken into custody. But, Police Chief Rick Bleichner says a 14 year old male is the only one currently in custody.

"We have other individuals that we are talking to that either associated or may have spoke with this individual prior to this incident happening."

Bleichner would not immediately say whether the shooter pointed the gun at a teacher or discharged the weapon into the ceiling. In less than two hours, the situation had stabilized and students were taken to nearby Eastview Christian Church. Students are being signed out to parents. They will not be allowed to go home on their own today. Bleichner says the investigation continues.

"Everything is locked down right now including the street around the school. Over the next couple of hours we anticipate bringing the perimeter in, so that then that would include the parking lot. That's just kind of a moving number, er moving time, because if we happen to get something additional and we need to keep that secure for longer, then obviously we will."

Police may allow parents and students to pick up vehicles from the parking lot sometime late this afternoon. Bleichner says he hopes to release the school building back to Unit Five by the end of the day. Other Unit Five Schools remain in session. Other school districts have taken note of the disturbance and put extra security in place as a precaution today. Unit Five and Police plan a 1:30 news conference at the Unit Five district offices.

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