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IL governor addresses convention

Wed, 05 Sep 2012 04:27:05 CDT
By: IPR's Tony Arnold

IL governor addresses convention
     Pat Quinn had some harsh words for Mitt Romney during the Illinois Governor's address to the Democratic National Convention.
    From Charlotte IPR's Tony Arnold reports:

Quinn's first ever address to the DNC echoed one line of criticism against the Republicans following their convention last week.

QUINN: "Tonight, I want to talk to you about a scary subject for many, many Republicans. I want to talk about facts."

The Democratic governor accused Romney of distorting Barack Obama's record on welfare and Medicare. After he finished his seven-minute-long speech, Quinn told reporters he had one thing in mind when he walked to the podium.

QUINN: "Don't make a mistake. Don't want to do that on the big stage. I spoke from the heart. I've known Barack Obama a long time and I thought it was important to set the record straight."

Quinn said he also had to wear his glasses, something he hardly ever does, or else he wouldn't have been able to read the Teleprompter.


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