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IL dems play big role in convention

Tue, 04 Sep 2012 12:09:01 CDT
By: IPR's Amanda Vinicky

Illinois democrats are playing a prominent role during the opening day of the Democratic National Convention. From Charlotte North Carolina, IPR's Amanda Vinicky has more:


Governor Pat Quinn's taking the podium tonight for the DNC's version of the opening ceremonies.


"Well we have to set the record straight, there's a lot of fibs uh, in Tampa last week, I call it the fib fest, and uh you know, I think it's important that people know the facts, and so we're going to talk about the facts."

Quinn joins others with Illinois ties who're taking the national stage. Rahm Emanual, who prior to becoming Chicago's mayor was chief of staff to President Barack Obama is up tonight, as is Tammy Duckworth, a democratic candidate for congress who's speaking at her DNS in a row. Schedules haven't been officially released, but later this week expect to hear from Illinois' senior US Senator, Dick Durbin, congressman Louis geuterierez, a prominent advocate of immigrant rights, and education secretary Arne Duncan, who used to head Chicago's public schools. It's a far cry from the role Illinois Republican's played at the GOP's national meet up. Nobody from the state had a speaking role. Of course another Illinois democrat will have the most prominent role, Obama will address the convention Thursday when accept's his party's nomination to run for a second term.

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