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After 15 years Bloomington might not finish Pipeline Road water project

Mon, 03 Sep 2012 09:39:22 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

The head of the Bloomington Water Department says the city might not have to spend an extra five million dollars on the long running pipeline road project after all. The project is to modernize water pumping infrastructure between town and the city reservoirs at Lakes Evergreen and Bloomington north of the twin cities. Water Director Craig Cummings says planners made assumptions fifteen years ago that they would need to move 30 million gallons per day to the City of Bloomington.

"Over time because of some siltation, climate changes perhaps, we are not able to sustain a constant pumping rate from the reservoirs of 30 million gallons per day. It's something less than that."

Cummings says the city is currently studying whether to replace a final stretch of 24 inch pipeline laid in the 1930s. Unlike most of the length already replaced with 36 inch pipe, Cummings says the older reaches of pipe near the treatment plant at the lake have not caused problems for the city. The city has already borrowed ten million dollars for the completed pieces of the project from the EPA at about 1.25% interest. Cummings says the city might be able to handle peak flow volume demands with the well supply on the southwest side of town. He says more common use of low flush toilets in houses have also reduced per capita use of water over the years. And Cummings hopes water conservation education will further curtail demand.


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