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Students may face obstacles to cast votes

Mon, 03 Sep 2012 03:52:37 CDT
By: Lee Strubinger

The McLean County Clerk's office says with the election coming up in a little more than two months, college students need to be aware of voter registration rules. Clerk Kathy Michael says every election year students have trouble at the polling place because they are not properly registered.

"If you have moved at all, even if you moved across the hall in your dorm or apartment, you have to re-register to vote, even if it's in the same building."

Michael says initial registration requires two forms of identification, one proving who you are and the other verifying your address in McLean county.

"If it's a utility bill and we see that it's a utility bill or we see that it's a bank statement that we can veriffy that it's you and your address, then we will send your card to that address and we can verify that it's an accurate address to you."

Michael says college students must bring that voter registration card to the polls, along with identification. It's also safest to bring those forms of ID to the polls on election day.Michael says on election day, polling place workers have to ask many students for both kinds of identification because they didn't present any while registering. She says that can discourage voting or make it far more time consuming than casting a ballot needs to be. Michael says students must decided between voting absentee or in McLean County. To do both, she says, is a felony. The registration deadline is October 9th.

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