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Santorum delegate from Peoria won to Romney's cause

Fri, 31 Aug 2012 16:17:32 CDT
By: IPR's Amanda Vinicky

The Republican National Convention was Mitt Romney's chance to win over undecided voters, to showcase himself and his policies. IPR's Amanda Vinicky spoke with one Peoria, Illinois delegate who became a Romney fan this week during the convention in Tampa.

Richard Keller is a retired printer from Peoria. This was his first political convention. At the onset, he wasn't crazy about Mitt Romney. Keller was elected as a delegate for Rick Santorum. But Keller says he's learned a lot about his party's nominee for President.

'I really didn't know he was such a help to people. I mean you think of a guy like that in that kind of position with that kind of money, you'd think he could care less about anybody else. He's a loving, caring person. So is his wife. I'm very impressed.'

In short, he's been won over. But, he's not letting Romney off THAT easy. He says America needs a change from President Barack Obama.

"Everything going to, well, we'll say heck in a handbag. Our deficit, our borders, everything he promised has not come true."

He says it's time for guys like Romney, and his Vice Presidential pick Paul Ryan, to take over.

"Together, I think they can do it. They will change things. They're just not talking. I think we'll really see it. And I'm a Tea Party member so we're going to hold his feet to the fire, make sure he does do it."

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