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IL delegates beaming after Romney speech

Fri, 31 Aug 2012 04:15:06 CDT
By: IPR's Alex Keefe

     Mitt Romney got a raucous reception from Illinois' delegation at the Republican National Convention in Tampa last night.
     From Florida, IPR's Alex Keefe reports:


Delegate Sharee Langenstein, from downstate Muphysboro, started out supporting Rick Santorum's bid for president. But as Romney worked the crowd on his way to the stage,

"What's a Santorum delegate to do? Shake Mitt Romneyís hand." A handshake caught on camera, and shown on the jumbo-trons all over the convention center.

"My hands are swollen, my voice is goin,' but it's been a wonderful experience. Iím very happy."

Nearby, delegate Joe Folisi, from Schaumburg, praised Romney's remarks about fixing the economy , or at least, he tried to:

"it goes a long way toward cutting the deficit. And, and, um".

Just then, another dump of red, white and blue balloons cascaded onto the convention floor, with one bonking Folisi on the nose.

"Every time I think that they've finished dropping more balloons,they release more!"

Democrats get their own balloons next week, when their convention kicks off in North Carolina.

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