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Protesters interrupt GOP breakfast

Wed, 29 Aug 2012 04:15:26 CDT
By: IPR's Amanda Vinicky

     As is tradition, Illinois delegates to the Republican National Convention this mornign will begin their day with a breakfast and a meeting.   What goes on is fairly standard.
     But as Amanda Vinicky reports, yesterday's events took an unexpected twist:


Usually, morning delegation meetings are occupied by politicians making speeches.
But when Republican leaders tried that, they were interrupted. Protestors took over the stage, demanding a minimum wage increase.

"You can't make a living off $7.25."

The ruckus was brief. The uninvited guests were asked to leave, and promptly did so, after talking with reporters.
One of the protestors, Tamiko Edwards, is from Peoria. She says the millionaires and billionaires won't listen to her at home, so she traveled to Florida to make her voice heard.

"We have families that cannot make it off $7.25. We can't make it off $7.25. They can't put gas in their car, they can't pay rent, they can't do, it's womens (sic) with you know, low-income families, housing, they can't buy tissue, they can't buy, they can't buy anything."

She wouldn't say who paid for her, and protestors from Wisconsin, California and Oregon, to come to Tampa. One Oregon protestor said money for the effort was raised in local bake sales. At $8.25, Illinois' minimum wage is a dollar higher than the federal one.   An effort to raise Illinois' minimum wage even higher might be considered this fall.

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