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Edgar hedges on endorsement

Tue, 28 Aug 2012 11:26:02 CDT
By: IPR's Amanda Vinicky

    Illinois politicians looking to make a bid for governor continue to jockey for support from delegates to the Republican National Convention, even though none have actually declared their candidacy.
     From the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, IPR's Amanda Vinicky reports:


Jim Edgar's the last Republican Governor in Illinois the party can look to with pride. Which is why State Party Chair Pat Brady isn't all that off base when he jokes that Edgar's is the most sought after endorsement:

"If you're running for dog catcher in Greenville, the first think you do is try to get Governor Edgar's endorsement."

Edgar isn't backing any one candidate for governor in 2014 just yet.   There's not really anyone to endorse, it'd be poor form to begin a campaign until this year's elections are done. But Edgar did seem to tip his hat toward his former Chief of Staff, State Senator Kirk Dillard , who lost by just 193 votes to Senator Bill Brady two years ago in the GOP primary. Edgar says if Dillard's interested in being governor, he should go for it:

"You come that close, you know you'd like to get another shot, and you know I think there's some people probably have buyers' remorse of that primary, so."

One newspaper survey of the Illinois RNC delegates showed nearly 10 percent support Dillard, while nearly two thirds of the party faithful prefer Treasurer Dan Rutherford be the GOP's nominee for governor.

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