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State Treasurer heads to Tampa

Mon, 27 Aug 2012 04:10:19 CDT

When it comes the national political map, Illinois falls well into the "blue" category, which shows it's solidly Democratic. That means Republicans from Illinois attending their national convention in Florida this week will likely hear some negative comments about their home state from those who live in other parts of the country. Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford will be there. He says he has news for fellow GOP members critical of where he's from:


     "You know there are a lot of wonderful attributes about Illinois. So when I go down to Tampa and I talk to my other colleagues about Illinois, the problem in Illinois isn't Illinois. The problem is the elected government we have. That's the problem here in Illinois. And so what I tell them is keep the faith. Illinois can turn itself around."

Rutherford says Illinois needs leaders who are willing to exercise "tough love" on issues, especially dealing with the state's budget. Rutherford is chair of Mitt Romney's campaign in Illinois.

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