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Durbin weighs in on Akin controversy

Thu, 23 Aug 2012 07:11:31 CDT

US Senator Dick Durbin, during a visit to central Illinois, says controversial comments by a Missouri Congressman bring the Republican stance on abortion to the forefront, just days from the party's national convention. The Democratic Senator says Todd Akin's remarks about women's bodies and 'legitimate rape' will mean Mitt Romney’s running mate will confronted about the issue:


"The most important part of it is the questioning of Paul Ryan. Because he and Akin have been allies in many of these legislative efforts. So I'm sure Paul Ryan will be asked, and I think it's proper to ask him his position on these same issues."
Durbin cited those who have come to Akin's defense but Durbin says the Congressman's views are wrong, and that mindset among some could hurt opportunities for women to get the medical care they need. Akin refused calls from within the GOP to drop his US Senate bid, challenging Democrat Claire McCaskill.

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