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Wicked plants that kill...and fascinate

Thu, 23 Aug 2012 03:42:43 CDT
By: Laura Kennedy

Wicked plants that kill...and fascinate If you don't wear gloves when you garden, you probably will once you learn just how dangerous the plants in your yard can be. The Illinois State University Horticulture Center is currently showcasing plants that behave badly as part of the event "Midwestern Night in the Garden of Not-So-Good and Evil," which includes a presentation by an author who specializes in nefarious plants with the power to kill. WGLT's Laura Kennedy, who always wears gloves in the garden, has more.


"Midwestern Night in the Garden of No-So-Good and Evil" is Friday, September 7th beginning at 4 PM at the ISU Horticulture Center in Normal.   Amy Stewart talks about the wicked plant that's in a popular soft drink.


Are you going to Australia? Stay away from this plant!



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