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State offers McLean County more than the County expected

Wed, 22 Aug 2012 15:50:45 CDT
By: Charlie Schlenker

How often does the state hand out more money than you ask for in a grant application? That odd scenario has happened to McLean County which will spend up to $100,000 on rural transportation planning instead of the $14,000 the County originally asked for. Matt Sorenson is the County Board Chair.

"This project has all the earmarks of IDOT having a bucket of money, probably largely federal dollars, and when they couldn't figure out exactly how they were going to distribute the money to the applicants, they kind of expanded the program."

McLean County had intended to study the proper structure of an intergovernmental agreement on a rural transportation network involving other counties. Showbus Coordinator Laura Dick says now, it will do a study of demand for rural services as well.

"Which is quite a bit different than was originally intended. But, a very nice project! It just simply wasn't the one we had requested."

The Federal government is also showing interest in having the Bloomington Normal Public Transit System expand its service outside the metro area.


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