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Quinn calls for "direct democracy," during Peoria visit

Wed, 22 Aug 2012 03:56:14 CDT

Governor Pat Quinn says he wants voters to weigh in on pension reform. During a stop in Peoria, Quinn says he's "putting together a campaign" to look at pension reform. A spokesperson says that could include gathering signatures for a ballot referendum, or forming a commission to address the pension issue. Quinn says he's disappointed lawmakers last week failed to address the state's estimated 83-billion-dollar unfunded pension liability:


"you know it's time for the Governor to sound the alarm for the taxpayers of Illinois that we will have pension reform and if the legislators that are resisting it won't do it, tell them to get out of the way the people are coming through the taxpayers are ready to act."

It's unlikely that any pension ballot referendum would be on the November ballot. Quinn was short on details of what he's calling a "direct democracy" plan. He says his office will have more details on the effort by mid-September.   

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