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Pension blame game continues

Mon, 20 Aug 2012 06:13:00 CDT

Illinois underfunded pension systems remain at least 83 billion dollars in the hole. The General Assembly failed to pass a measure that would curb the state's costs. The House did try, sort of.   Representatives took a procedural vote on plan that would have reduced the retirement benefits current legislators earn. Future lawmakers would get no pension at all. Republicans voted against it. They say it would do little to solve the state's problem of underfunded pensions. The GOP says it amounts to a savings of just three one thousandth percent.    While no legislation passed, Republicans are now on record voting against cutting their own pensions.   Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno called it a political exercise:


"It was a farce, it was intended from the get-go just to be something to provide political cover."

Look for Democrats to try and make a campaign issue of that leading up to November's elections. For their part, Republicans say the day was an indication of Quinn's failed leadership.   

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