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IL Senate President says let reporters in prisons

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 04:16:58 CDT

The President of the Illinois Senate says Governor Pat Quinn should let reporters into the prisons. Quinn has refused to let reporters, including those from IPR member station WBEZ into two minimum security prisons, saying it's a safety and security concern because the prisons aren't quote, "country clubs."   Senate President John Cullerton, a democrat, says Quinn's stand contradicts tradition:


"There's a history of reporters being allowed to go into the prison system to observe and that shouldn't be violated. I think that there's a way in which we should allow for you guys to get in to see those prisons."

Cullerton says if Quinn has concerns then he should sit down with reporters, perhaps the Senate's Correspondant's committee, to work out a reasonable way to facilitate safe visits that aren't too burdensome for the department of corrections. Cullerton says reports about conditions in the prisons are concerning and he says legislators need to know about those problems so they can help solve them.

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