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Hi Speed Rail meeting targets additional track sets

Tue, 14 Aug 2012 17:35:07 CDT
By: Lee Strubinger

Hi Speed Rail meeting targets additional track sets
An engineering firm is designing high-speed rail lines for Amtrak to run 8 round trips a day from Chicago to St. Louis. Hanson Professional Services is working with I-DOT and the Federal Railroad Administration to create multiple rails between the two cities. Currently, Amtrak offers 3 round trips from Chicago to St. Louis a day. Kirk Brown with Hanson's says Amtrak has a need for multiple rail lines. He says Amtrak sets ridership records every year and the number is projected to triple within 20 years...

Brown says completion of the project could take up to 10 years and is estimated to cost $4.1 billion to $4.9 billion. There is a public hearing at the Mariott conference center which will last until 7 tonight.


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